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Hey everyone. If anyone in this group is interested in becoming and admin and helping run the group or knows anyone that would be interested, please send me a note and let me know! I am looking for more help since I have been very busy and unfortunately this has caused it so I have almost no free time to come online and check on the group.
Thank you everyone for continuing to submit works of writing and for being awesome!
Keep writing everyone!

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Where Once was Love is now Devoid. :iconturbulentduvet:turbulentDuvet 0 0
Death of a Love.
She hadn't moved from her window in over a day.
Watching for the impossible was something that she was content to do. It injected her with the faint hope that she might witness some of those precious memories once again. Maybe his decrepit old Clio, chugging along and spluttering to a grumbling stop right outside her house, or maybe the bicycle that he sometimes opted for instead, signalling his arrival with the ringing of a bell. It economised on both petrol and his nerves, he had always told her with a smile.
His smiles were gems. She had always watched in rapt fascination when his lips pulled back and curled upwards, his left cheek dimpling slightly when it lifted more than the other. His teeth were slightly crooked, the front two pushed back a little further than his incisors, always immaculately clean.
She shook her head, dragging her eyes from the unchanging scene outside. No point in dwelling on what was past, she tried to tell herself. Nothing can be done. He's gone.
Yet, in a
:iconfineliners:Fineliners 288 140
Mature content
The forgotten slave :iconzonerunner2019:ZoneRunner2019 1 2
Chained Blades Part 1: My Lord...
The hush fell over the crowd when a person in a hooded cloak walked up to the king.  The crowd stared at the figure in awe and fear.
"You called my lord?" says the figure as they bowed.
"Yes, I did.  I need you to bring someone to me."  He said in a loud voice, so the crowd could hear.
"Who my lord?  Will they come easily or will they provide some amusement?"  The figure said the last part with a smirk.
"They will provide slight amusement, but they will cave quickly." said the king.
A slightly annoyed look came upon the figure's face, not liking the fact that she wasn't going to get a lot of fun out of this mission.  
"Who is it my lord?"  She said calmly, though clenching her teeth.
"A person you know very well I believe…" The king said slowly, holding the suspense.  "Derik."
No one was able to see the look of pure hatred on the figure's face as she stared at her master underneath the hood. 
:iconzelink4everandever:zelink4everandever 1 10
Have You Ever
Have you ever been to Heaven?
It is truly as gorgeous as they say.
The sun is constantly shining, there's not a cloud in the sky.
It's never too hot, never too cold.
A slight breeze is always wisping its finger's through your hair.
You feel warmth, you feel love.
Yes, I've been to heaven.
How did I get a chance like that you ask?
Why an angel carried me there of course.
This angel...
This beautiful, beautiful angel...
Graced me with his presence.
He took me up to Heaven and showed me marvelous things.
He told me things...
Told me secrets...
He promised me things...
Promised me wonders in which I dared not dream...
The one thing I will never forget is when he showed me love.
Ah that amazing feeling.
When you possess it,
It feels like you are invincible.
Nothing can stop you
Nothing can ever beat you.
But, when you lose it...
When it slips through your fingers...
You die inside.
You decay from the inside out.
It works slowly.
Nibbling here and there.
So slowly it works you barely n
:iconecamouse37:ecamouse37 1 6
The Lost Hero Part 2: Something Amiss
The next morning, Link awoke with a start.  He heard something, but what?  He looked round the vast desert to see no-one in sight.  He shook his head; it was probably just his imagination getting away from him.  He exhales a sigh of relief, thankful that he remembers all of the previous day.  Link then packs up his things, pulling his backpack strap to him as he set off to the next marker.  As he was traveling to the markers, he goes back to the journal entries that he had not read yet.  Apparently he had met very little resistance on his way to the Gerudo desert.  No monsters to defeat.  In his journal, he wrote about how since he defeated Ganon, he has not seen any monsters.  
But Link wonders, if the monsters are all gone, then who kidnapped Zelda.  He had been reading the journal and from what he wrote, Link had made a pact with the Gerudos the last time he was here and he
:iconzelink4everandever:zelink4everandever 5 9
The Lost Hero Part 4: Memories of the Desert
Link makes his way through the desert, following the posts, wondering how long it will take to cross this barren desert.  He continues to read the journal entries.  Apparently his feelings of being watched this morning were not the first time he felt like that.  He had felt it several times on his journey, whenever he looked around nothing was to be found.  That added to Link's feeling that something was not quite right.  He then skips to the last entry before his memory was lost.  
"There is something stalking me, always watching… silently waiting for me to drop my guard to attack.  If only I was not in the desert, I might be able to detect and find this person.  But this person shifts like the sand.  I think for a moment I see a hint of a figure, but by the time I turn to look fully at them, they vanish.  I suspect this creature or person has teleport magic, but the real question
:iconzelink4everandever:zelink4everandever 6 10
360 Blind Eyes
360° Blind Eyes
Those street corner pharmacies don't bother me...
cooking up that crack...
serving that black...
caramelizing those apples...
crystallizing that meth...
but at least it's not my kitchen...
He's Robin Hood...
on the level that Hollywood...
would be in contention...
terrorizing the scene...
mad scientist splicing the genes...
with killing machines...
but at least it's not my dimension...
They combine these positions...
with Columbine vision...
plus out-of-mind conditions...
lead to out-of-body renditions...
a suicidal homicide mission...
but at least it's not my decision...
and it's not my problem...
not my solution...
not my blood...
so it's not my ablution...
not my business...
not my institution...
it's not my crime...
so it's not my execution...
You know it's not my world...
these are not my people...
they are not my equals...
this is not my power...
this is not my evil...
this is not my chase...
they are not my steeples...
this is not my realm...
so it'
:iconmalikpeterson:MalikPeterson 19 31
Mirror Mirror
She leans and wipes her mouth.
And looks to find out,
If she's thin enough now.
Ribs stick through nearly broken skin.
And the girl wonders how she fell in,
This hole she can't escape.
And twists around to glimpse her shape.
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the thinnest one of all?
It never ever stops.
Their voices continue to talk.
The clothes can't hide away,
What she goes through every day.
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's about to take the fall?

The words spoken still burn in her mind,
As she groans and holds her sides.
They said she was fat and ugly,
As they grinned and walked by smugly.
The hunger hurts so but she doesn't eat.
Only starvation will make her complete.
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the dead girl among them all?
It never ever stops.
Their voices continue to talk.
The clothes can't hide away,
What she goes through every day.
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's about to take the fall?

Her family is starting to notice but all too late.
As she loses more
:iconretrubutionist777:Retrubutionist777 34 224
Walking and wandering
We find a spot
We lay on the ground
       Hush... Dont make a sound
I become your fortress
We start to kiss
      What happens next?
:iconky1iesmy1ie:Ky1ieSmy1ie 13 36
In LOve
Made my world go crazy
things get suddenly messy
unknown feeling makes me happy
please have pity
   Cause my heart is just empty.
Fill it with lively
colors and pretty thingy
burst it with love
going, going
       to its satisfying contentment.
:iconwillyampax:willyamPax 16 14
She said she would take him away
She threatened and threatened,
but i thought it would never happen.
till one day, he left
i told her i would hate her forever
she said i would get over it
now he is gone
:iconfuturemd123:futuremd123 0 0
Embodiment of Prison
I feel caged.
Not by the metal bars of a man made cell
But a lock made of bone,
A chain made of flesh,
And a fate laced in my own sinew.
The sentence written in blood,
The prison embodied.
In the end, what is closer to a man made prison
Than the body of man?
:iconfluffytheartist:Fluffytheartist 2 4
In dem Traum erscheinen Dinge,
die sich aneinander reih'n wie Ringe.
Sie ergeben zwar keinen Sinn,
doch sind sie in meinen Gedanken drin.
Sie klingen in meinen Ohren wie Glocken,
dabei bleiben meine Augen nicht trocken.
Mich überfällt eine sanfte Melancholie,
denn jetzt versteh' ich die Melodie.
:iconfairyfunny:FairyFunny 0 0
You told me to wait. I've waited patiently. It hurt me each second I spent waiting. Desiring you, wanting you, needing you and simply missing you. It hurts bad. Like I fell in a ditch that I couldn't get out of or worst, a river that flooded my patience and silenced my love. I couldn't do it anymore more. It hurt me bad, you hurt me bad. Thou I waited for a long time till you finally spoke to me, it wasn't the same anymore. My passion, well; our passion to hear each others voices wasn't there anymore. Lost and God knows if it'll ever be found. But I don't know, may be I shouldn't even know. But I've learned to wait and sit quietly but its tiring now. I've done it for as long as I can and I'm done doing it. I'm reaching out now to you. Reaching out with words, with heart felt apologizes and with love. Will you come back to me now? Restore order for me? I just want things to go back the way they were before. Before this rush of mess we've gotten ourselves into. This patience game is kill
:icon95blckfirebird:95blckfirebird 0 3
Out of Sync
I'm losing my touch, it's like my fingerprints were burnt off in a single flame. My mind has become empty and shallow. I'm living in an empty dream. I have never any means to write for-no one to write for any more. People don't read; I can't catch a break. My endless thoughts are bigger than space. The feel of my endless words gravitate the moon closer to earth causing the unearthly forms of destruction. My dream of writing is like a pursuit to happiness and you're ears clued to my poems' is my sweet intoxication to be heard (read). So fucking read 'em! :)
:icon95blckfirebird:95blckfirebird 0 0

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Welcome to Sad-Writers! I hope that everyone enjoys the writing here and we are always welcome to new ideas!


I know there's been a problem with submitting your entries I do apologize for the group's maintanance and starting from now works will be submitted as they should be!

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